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Call now for a free measure & quote!

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For Architects

A Vergola is a great addition to a range of building applications including residential, commercial and industrial projects.

Patios, terraces, walk ways, back yards, carports, BBQ areas, balconies and swimming pools are some of the places where Vergola provides the ability to create a dynamic entertainment area for family and friends.


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Vergola enhances the enjoyment of people’s leisure experience. Restaurants, cafes, play grounds, golf clubs, resorts, theme parks, science and technology parks, sports facilities and hospitals are just some of the locations where Vergolas have been installed.


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Factories, horse stables and dairy barns use the Vergola range of industrial products to improve natural air flow and ventilation, creating comfortable and energy efficient industrial work environments.

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We are currently working on an Architect’s Kit designed to provide all the information and support required when integrating a Vergola into your building designs.