There’s No Need For A Wet Weather Plan with Vergola

You can’t go past a Vergola opening and closing louvre roof system if you want a versatile and functional shade and shelter solution for your outdoor area. Whether it’s to cover an entertaining area, a pool or an unusable void in your home, a Vergola provides the best outdoor roof solution on the market.

Vergola gives you full control.

You get to choose whether you let the sun in or keep the sun out with a Vergola opening and closing louvre roof system. Imagine you’re enjoying reading a book on your outdoor lounge and the sun is lovely and warm first thing in the morning. As the day progresses the angle of the sun changes and you begin to feel uncomfortably hot. All you need to do is grab the remote control and angle the louvres to either reduce the direct sun slightly or entirely and return to reading your book in comfort. Then as the evening draws closer, the day cools down, you can change the angles again to allow the direct sun back into the area.

Similarly, imagine you have a BBQ arranged with friends and family due to arrive any minute. The outdoor table is set, music is on and you’re ready to get the party started. Then suddenly you feel that dreaded first drop of rain.

There’s no need to have a ‘Wet Weather Plan’ with a Vergola, you simply grab the remote and shut the louvres and continue with your plans. A Vergola really does give you full control over your outdoor entertaining areas.