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Commercial Louvre Installation

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When a controlled, comfortable ambience is critical in commercial and domestic settings a Vergola roofing system is ideal. Where it’s important to provide appropriate services to the public or customers, Vergola louvre roof systems enhance consumers’ comfort and enjoyment while they engage in leisure activities. The successful installation of Vergola louvre roof systems doesn’t end with residential or domestic installations. We install Vergolas in children’s playgrounds, theme parks, restaurants and cafes, hospitals, science and technology parks, golf clubs and resorts, sporting facilities and pool decks on boats, and more.Award-winning Vergola louvre roofs are the original and the best, designed and built with superior materials and expertise for domestic and commercial installation. There are other manufacturers of louvre roof systems for use in residential and commercial environments, however, they’re made with the aluminium which is a cheaper alternative to steel. On the other hand, Vergola louvres, are manufactured from Australian-made BlueScope Steel Colorbond which is preferred as a roofing material by the builders of almost half of new Australian homes, and in more than 80 percent of all fascias and gutters.

Vergola is the only louvre roof system to receive the Industrial Design Council of Australia’s ‘Prince Philip Prize for Australian Design’ and three Australian Design Council awards for innovation.

Colorbond steel complies with the Australian building standard AS2728.

  1. Colorbond is manufactured using Zincalume steel with an aluminium/zinc/magnesium alloy coating which makes it stronger than aluminium and longer-lasting for domestic or commercial installation.
  2. To enhance adhesion, a conversion layer is used to cover the steel surface.
  3. The Colorbond Super Polyester coating technology makes certain that the Vergola’s louvre roof finish maintains its ‘new’ look for far longer.
  4. Exterior grade paint is then baked on to the surface, making Vergola louvres resistant to peeling, chipping, and cracking – which results in a superior louvre roofing system to those made from powder-coated aluminium.

Vergola never offers discounts – like most premium brands, we trade on our reputation, quality and service, not our price – Vergola is the top of the range when it comes to custom-built louvred, opening and closing roof systems for commercial and domestic buildings.

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Commercial Louvre Installer

Vergola has been in business for the past 30 years and has a wide range of experience and expertise in louvre roof installation in the various domestic and commercial situations. Vergolas have double-skin aerofoil louvres that create better insulation through air-gaps to keep guests or customers warmer in Winter and cooler in Summer – so much more than single-skin aluminium louvre systems can achieve. Maximum diffused light, natural light, and full shade can mean an outdoor cafe, restaurant, pool deck or other entertaining area is open for business all year long.

There’s a seven-year guarantee on structural components and a two-year warranty on manufactured parts and service on all Vergola louvred roofing systems.
Also, Bluescope Steel offers Vergola NSW customers an extra guarantee on all Colorbond products.

Vergola roofing systems can be built to any style whether gabled, flat or raked and from single to multiple bays covering the smallest to the largest openings. Vergolas can be installed into dairies, piggeries, factories or anywhere good ventilation and natural air flow needs to be improved. By creating an energy-efficient and comfortable work environment, you will increase your employees’ safety and morale which increases profits. Vergola’s automated control unit means you can operate the remotely, and up to eight bays can be operated individually or automatically. Another plus for commercial conditions is the option of fire system connectivity.

For all your louvre roof requirements, just call us at Vergola and we can arrange for one of our design consultants to visit your commercial premises or home and show you the benefits and features of adding one of our roofing systems. Our consultant will do an initial design and quote.

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