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The following list of unique features set Vergola ahead of the pack when it comes to choosing the ultimate opening louvre roof system for your outdoor living space.

Made of longer lasting Australian-made Colorbond®

While other opening louvre roof systems use aluminium alternatives, Vergola continues to feature the superior Australian-made BlueScope Colorbond® that is the roofing material of choice for nearly half of all new Australian homes and over 80% of all Australian gutters.

  1. Colorbond® is manufactured from Zincalume® steel with an aluminium/zinc/magnesium alloy coating that is stronger and longer-lasting than aluminium
  2. A conversion layer is applied to the steel surface to improve adhesion
  3. Colorbond’s Super Polyester coating technology ensures the Vergola’s finish retains its ‘as new’ look for longer
  4. Exterior grade paint is baked on to the Zincalume® steel base giving Vergola resistance to chipping, peeling and cracking that is superior to powder-coated aluminium louvres

Double-skin aerofoil louvres keep you cooler

One of the unique features of Vergola is its unique double-skin aerofoil-shaped louvre. The louvre creates an insulating air-gap that reduces heat radiation to the living space below, which means Vergola will keep you cooler than a single-skin aluminium opening louvre roof system.


Light control & weather protection

Adjust your comfort to the elements by allowing maximum natural light, diffused light and shade at a flick of a switch by angling the Vergola louvres.

Fully open the Vergola allows 89% of all available light. The unique interlocking design feature allows the louvres to close to protect you during rain.

A Vergola is generally considered to be rainproof under normal conditions. However, during heavy rain or strong wind & rain, the Vergola may allow small amounts of water to enter between the blades. Further protection is available by fitting optional weather seals.


Energy Efficient

Vergola’s unique double skinned design provides very good thermal insulation from heat and sound reduction unlike other single skinned roofing materials such as aluminium that are excellent conductors of heat.

The adjustable opening louvres also reduce heating and cooling costs by controlling the amount of direct sunlight to exposed windows as well as promoting ventilation.


Design & configuration

Vergola can be built to any style whether flat, skillion or gabled. From single bays to multiple bays Vergolas can be designed into small openings or large areas.

vergola-Design-configuration-gable_02b blue
vergola-Design-configuration-multi_0b blue
vergola-Design-configuration-pitched_02 blue
vergola-Design-configuration-single_01 blue
vergola-Design-configuration-angled blue

Customisation and Integration

The Vergola opening louvre roofing system can be incorporated into a range of structures. Vergola can either be freestanding or part of an existing building.

Through integrating Vergola into new home designs or new renovations projects, the full potential of the lifestyle benefits can be experienced.

The use of a range of architectural fittings and features ensure that Vergola structures fit the most exacting and contemporary architectural designs, while still being able to integrate seamlessly into period styles.

two_side blue-vergola-Customisation-and-Integration

Smart Controls

The automated controller ensures that the Vergola louvres can be operated by a remote control which allows smooth operation of the louvres.

The controller comes with a state of the art rain sensor which closes the louvres with the onset of rain.

The controller can also be connected to home automation or fire systems.


Vergola Control Switch

iOS App

The Vergola App allows you to control your Vergola from your iPhone or iPad. The App replicates the functions of the Vergola Switch Plate and Remote Control.  The App also has the added feature of allowing you to schedule events, like opening or closing at specific times of the day or putting the Vergola into Auto mode at the end of each day. These events will be triggered each day as long as the event is turned on.

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