Let there be light … and shade

With a stylish Vergola you can create the perfect environment

If you love entertaining friends and family alfresco, a custom designed luxury Vergola is a stylish and functional addition to any home. Creating a seamless connection between indoor and outdoor living Vergola provides a weather protected haven for outdoor entertaining all year round.

With a lovely open feel a Vergola delivers insulation from heat and gives you full control over the balance of light, shade and ventilation in your outdoor living space.

Vergola’s unique opening louvre roof system lets you adjust the amount of sunlight you let in or keep out at the flick of a switch.  During the cooler months of the year you can open the louvres and let the warm rays of sun stream onto your living space. When the temperatures rise, you can close the louvres completely and block out the harsh summer sun. As the sun sets you can open the louvres to release of any trapped heat and allow cool breezes to circulate and enjoy the summer evening skies.  In addition, the unique shape of the louvres combined with the use of colorbond steel provides superior insulation, keeping the area underneath as cool as possible on hot days and warmer when it’s cool.

If you thought that was impressive, there are even more great features of a Vergola. Not only does a Vergola give you control over the amount of light, shade and ventilation in your outdoor living space, it also features an automatic rain sensor that closes the louvres at the first sign of rain. The sensor reacts to the slightest moisture, closing the louvres to seal out the rain. The louvres will reopen when the weather improves.

You’ll never need a wet weather plan when you have a Vergola. Rain, hail or shine, you can be confident entertaining under a Vergola.

All Vergolas are custom designed and will complement any type of building style. They can be installed as flat roofs, skillion roofs, a-frames and even inserted into curved roof structures. There are no real limitations to how you incorporate a Vergola into your home.

Vergolas have been installed as protective covers for a range of outdoor areas including decks, patios, courtyards, verandas and even to provide shade over swimming pools. They can also be used as side screens are also available for privacy and protection from the elements. There are also plenty of colour options that will match with most home décor choices.

With Vergola you can create an outdoor entertainer’s dream.  What are you waiting for, get planning your new, more versatile outdoor living space now!