Vergola Guarantees Restaurant Bookings All-Year-Round

For commercial spaces that rely on all areas to be fully functional it’s important to have a space that is covered with a reliable roof structure all-year-round, and Vergola is the perfect solution.

When the Loungueville Hotel started planning for their recent renovation the main driver for the renovation was to create a space that would guarantee bookings of tables in the outdoor areas regardless of the weather.

Proprietor Graham Campion didn’t want his business to be weather dependant and render the outdoor space useless. He wanted a space that could be comfortably used all-year-round.

Upon deciding on the best roof system for the Hotel, Graham considered a few options as part of the mix, including one product from Europe.

In making their decision it was pretty clear to Graham that Vergola ticked all the boxes.

Why he chose Vergola:

  1. Vergola had been around for years and was a stable business;
  2. Vergola is a local Australian, family based business;
  3. Vergola’s are manufactured here in Sydney, so there was no risk involved in transporting a product from Europe or Asia;
  4. Vergola was a fraction of the cost of the European alternative;
  5. He had an existing relationship with Vergola and his experience had been a very positive one. He had installed a smaller Vergola in the Hotel about 15 years earlier;
  6. He knew Vergola would come and service the system quickly if required in the future.

With the installation of a Vergola The Longeville Hotel now has a very versatile alfresco space. In summer they can deflect the direct heat and sun, when it rains they have a solid roof over their patron’s heads, and in winter the Vergola louvres allow the warm winter sun to stream in.

Client Comment

“People are always asking me about the roof system we have used. I tell them that Vergola is a great product and well priced. It has provided us with a more useable, versatile, alfresco space and we love it!”.