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Call now for a free measure & quote!

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Design & Features

Vergola’s unique louvre design functionality is what makes a Vergola so impressive.

Unique aero foil wing shape

The aero foil wing shape, combined with the use of Colorbond steel, create a cavity air space which delivers greater insulation and strength than any other traditional roofing option.






Angled louvres

For warming Winter Sun the louvres are angled to allow direct sunlight to penetrate creating a wonderfully warm and protected area.






Ventilation & Natural Light

During summer the louvres are angled in the opposite direction now reflecting the sunlight providing a totally shaded, well ventilated and naturally lit atmosphere.






Protective Cover

In rainy conditions the Vergola louvres close and overlap each other creating a protective cover allowing you to enjoy your outdoor area undisturbed.





Water Clearance

The louvres are installed with water clearance in mind and will direct water to the Vergola gutter which lines the inside of the system’s frame work.




vergola-Design-configuration-pitched_02 blue


The gutters will then disperse water to the closest point of clearance which is generally a down-pipe from your home’s storm water system.