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VERGOLA® is the original, energy-efficient, open close roof system that adds versatility and functionality to your home, creating a comfortable space to enjoy all year round. Adorning more than 12,000 homes across Sydney & Northern NSW, 2021 marks 32 years of business success for Vergola. We invite you to discover for yourself what makes Vergola such a great outdoor roofing solution.


Get in touch with us today to discover how adding a VERGOLA® to your home will enhance your outdoor living area. We can arrange for one of our Design Consultants to visit you and present the features and benefits of integrating a Vergola to your home. They’ll prepare an initial design and quote for your consideration and you’ll be one step closer to having the outdoor living area you’ve always dreamed about.

“What would I say is good about Vergola? Everything! Wonderful to deal with from the salesman Roy, to the office staff, the delivery personnel, Shannon the installer, Peter the electrician and the man who picked up the rubbish in the pouring rain! Amazing product and service. Within hours of being finished the heavens opened up, the louvres shut and blocked the pursuant 1.5 inches of rain. To say I am impressed is an understatement. No more rainy days blues with our Vergola!”

“My Vergola has just been completed and I can’t recommend Vergola NSW highly enough. I’ve had a lot of work completed at my house over the past few years and this is the only experience that has been 100% seamless all the way through. Their communication and professionalism is second to none – and the setup, invoicing and installation team are all amazing to work with. The installation was efficient and first rate quality. Everyone is patient, friendly and incredibly helpful – they really went above and beyond.”

“The Vergola is fantastic and has made such a different to our lifestyle. We can actually use the outdoor area now. It was as recently as the weekend I was able to sit underneath it while the kids were playing in our lounge room inside. Thank you to you and the whole team who have been so impressive. Please pass on my thanks also to the installation team.”

“I am writing to thank you for the excellent job done by Vergola on my roof, from the design to the completion. Everything was efficient and effective. All the workers turned up on time, were pleasant, and did their job well. I’d appreciate it if you’d make sure that everyone who worked on my job gets my sincere thanks.”

“From the outset, this was not straightforward as it involved owner corporation approval, council approval, engineering and certification and design aspects performed by various people. Vergola provided a fantastic service in orchestrating all the necessary professionals, trades and approvals in a seamless manner and Vergola communicated with me at each step along the way most efficiently. This took the hassle out of doing this project for us.”

Domestic Louvres

With Vergola’s domestic louvre systems, you don’t have to wait for good weather to enjoy the outdoors. Our domestic louvre roofs help you make the most of your outdoor living space all year round, offering ultimate comfort and protection against all kinds of weather.

Gain complete control over your outdoor living by simply adjusting the angle of the louvres using your phone or remote control device.  This allows direct sunlight to penetrate your room in the cooler months, creating a warm and comfortable area, no matter the time of day.

By choosing a Vergola domestic louvre roof, you’ll also have access to a range of beautiful designs. Whether you’re after an ultra-modern or retro look, our innovative designs will fit in perfectly with the style and architecture of your existing home.

For Exceptional Domestic Louvres, Choose Vergola NSW

If you love entertaining friends and family, or enjoy curling up with a good book under the morning sun, a luxury Vergola louvre roof system is the perfect choice for you. Our range of  domestic louvres are the original open-close, energy-efficient louvre roof system. Add flair, versatility, and better functionality to any outdoor living space, while creating a comfortable space you can enjoy all year round.

In 2018, Vergola celebrated 30 years of business success, with our quality domestic louvre roofs adorning more than 12,000 homes across Sydney and Northern NSW.

Our open-close domestic louvres, manufactured and installed by our team, give homeowners total control over their outdoor living spaces. Vergola’s louvre roofs let the right amount of sunshine in and keep the rain out. No matter what the weather conditions are, homeowners can enjoy their outdoor areas throughout the year, not just in the summer.

Why? Vergola domestic louvre systems have a rain sensor that closes the louvres at the first sign of rain and opens them again when the weather clears. Our Vergola louvre roof system also boasts award-winning design features, having received many accolades including the Australian Design Award and Prince Phillip Design Award.

Vergola has a reputation for high-quality manufacturing and installation services. All of our domestic louvre opening roof systems also come with a 2 year warranty.

Design Features of Our Domestic Louvre Roofs

Whether it’s during the chilly winter months or scorching hot summer days, you can still relax in your backyard and outdoor covered areas with Vergola’s flexible and highly functional domestic louvre roof system.

Vergola’s louvre roof systems have a variety of world-class design features that set us apart from the competition.

Each Vergola domestic louvre roof is made from long-lasting Australian BlueScope Colorbond® materials. Unlike inferior aluminium domestic roofing designs, a Vergola louvre roof is highly durable and built to withstand even the toughest Australian weather conditions – including cyclones.

Not only are our roofs 99.9% weatherproof, but they’re also energy efficient. Our domestic louvre systems come with a double-skinned design that provides excellent thermal insulation, keeping you warm in winter. The adjustable open-close mechanism also promotes ventilation, and allows you to control the amount of direct sunlight you’re exposed to.  This helps  reduce your cooling costs in the summer.

Beyond the unrivalled functionality of a Vergola domestic louvre roof, our  range of customisable designs, colours, and finishes, means  you’ll find the perfect outdoor roof to suit your home and lifestyle.

At Vergola, we ensure exceptional quality on all of our domestic louvre roofing solutions and offer supportive customer service throughout the entire process.

From Design to Installation, Vergola Nsw Has Got You Covered

Once you choose to have a Vergola domestic louvre roof system installed, a design consultant will visit to inspect your home. They’ll discuss your design options, so that we can best tailor the final product to your needs. Next, the consultant will prepare the design drawings, a plan, and a quote for your domestic louvre system.

After you’ve signed your contract, a Vergola professional will return and double-check that everything is correct and ready for installation. The construction of your domestic louvre roof will begin with the  manufacture of the components, the construction of the frame, and installation of the louvres and controls for your home’s system.

We use only the best materials in the construction of our domestic louvre roofs. Built with Australian-made BlueScope Colorbond® – rather than aluminium, which is a lesser material chosen by some other roof installation companies – our Vergola domestic louvres deliver superior insulation and durability.

If you have questions about the design, construction or installation of your domestic louvre roof, our team at Vergola will be more than happy to answer them.

We’re dedicated to providing you with the greatest customer care possible. Simply call us at any stage of the process so we can guide you and advise the next steps.

To provide a great space for entertaining that will also add value to your home, a Vergola domestic louvre system is the number one choice for all homeowners. You can rest assured that our high-quality product will produce a great outdoor space that your family will love for years to come.

Call your nearest Vergola business today for a measure and quote on 1800 VERGOLA (02 9160 0338).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The cost of your Vergola will depend on the size and the design. At Vergola, we can give you a rough estimate during a free consultation and a then provide a free quote after we have seen where you want your domestic louvre roof system installed and have chosen your preferred design.

Domestic louvre systems are used to cover an outdoor area for shade, shelter or to let the sun in so the ‘extra room’ can be used to entertain guests or family, or as an additional space to relax in at any time of the year.

Generally not for domestic louvres in Australia, but our consultant can advise you about the requirements in your council area. We’ve opted for standard colours that suit Australia’s natural environment and are accepted by most local councils.

The louvres simply open and close at whatever angle you prefer at the touch of a button on your remote control device. The remote system is connected electronically to a control box which has a back-up battery (that automatically recharges) and operates the systems even during mains power cuts.

A design consultant visits your home to inspect the area and discuss design options, then prepares the drawings and plans for installation. The Vergola team manufactures the components, builds the frame and installs the louvres and controls for your system.

Your Vergola consultant will discuss with you the appropriate size needed for your particular area and help you decide based on the area that is to be covered.

Since the automatic louvres rotate up to 165 degrees around the axis you can position to face anywhere you like, depending on whether you want them to face the sun and allow it to warm the area, or adjust each bay individually.

Yes, under even steady rainfall. You can leave the louvres partially open in light rain for ventilation and in heavier showers, keep them fully closed to block out the rain.

Yes, the double skinned aerofoil louvres provide both thermal insulation and sound reduction while reducing heating and cooling costs.