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VERGOLA® is the original, energy-efficient, open close roof system that adds versatility and functionality to your home, creating a comfortable space to enjoy all year round. Adorning more than 12,000 homes across Sydney & Northern NSW, 2021 marks 32 years of business success for Vergola. We invite you to discover for yourself what makes Vergola such a great outdoor roofing solution.


Get in touch with us today to discover how adding a VERGOLA® to your home will enhance your outdoor living area. We can arrange for one of our Design Consultants to visit you and present the features and benefits of integrating a Vergola to your home. They’ll prepare an initial design and quote for your consideration and you’ll be one step closer to having the outdoor living area you’ve always dreamed about.

“What would I say is good about Vergola? Everything! Wonderful to deal with from the salesman Roy, to the office staff, the delivery personnel, Shannon the installer, Peter the electrician and the man who picked up the rubbish in the pouring rain! Amazing product and service. Within hours of being finished the heavens opened up, the louvres shut and blocked the pursuant 1.5 inches of rain. To say I am impressed is an understatement. No more rainy days blues with our Vergola!”

“My Vergola has just been completed and I can’t recommend Vergola NSW highly enough. I’ve had a lot of work completed at my house over the past few years and this is the only experience that has been 100% seamless all the way through. Their communication and professionalism is second to none – and the setup, invoicing and installation team are all amazing to work with. The installation was efficient and first rate quality. Everyone is patient, friendly and incredibly helpful – they really went above and beyond.”

“The Vergola is fantastic and has made such a different to our lifestyle. We can actually use the outdoor area now. It was as recently as the weekend I was able to sit underneath it while the kids were playing in our lounge room inside. Thank you to you and the whole team who have been so impressive. Please pass on my thanks also to the installation team.”

“I am writing to thank you for the excellent job done by Vergola on my roof, from the design to the completion. Everything was efficient and effective. All the workers turned up on time, were pleasant, and did their job well. I’d appreciate it if you’d make sure that everyone who worked on my job gets my sincere thanks.”

“From the outset, this was not straightforward as it involved owner corporation approval, council approval, engineering and certification and design aspects performed by various people. Vergola provided a fantastic service in orchestrating all the necessary professionals, trades and approvals in a seamless manner and Vergola communicated with me at each step along the way most efficiently. This took the hassle out of doing this project for us.”

Louvre Roof Systems for Roofs & Pergolas

Bringing the outdoors into the indoors and vice versa is a timeless and popular trend in home design and outdoor living. With a custom-designed and built Vergola louvre roof, you can use your indoor/outdoor area all year round and in any kind of weather.

The opening and closing Vergola roof louvres are made from Colorbond steel by BlueScope®. The system comes with a rain sensor, which means the Vergola virtually thinks for itself. For example, if it’s wet, the louvres close at the first drop of rain.

Our adjustable louvre roof system is easily operable with a touch of a few buttons. It’s versatile, provides a comfortable outdoor space, and adds significant value to your property. Call Vergola today to find out how we can install a louvre roof system for you.

Vergola uses longer-lasting, durable Australian-made BlueScope Colorbond® steel roofing – the material of choice for the roofs of almost half of all new Australian homes and over 80% of all Australian gutters.

Premium Custom Roof Louvre Roof Systems

Our custom-designed, superior quality Vergola louvre roofs are made, manufactured, owned and operated in Australia, and our service is exemplary.

Our company, Vergola, has been in business for the past 30 years, using BlueScope Steel’s Colorbond® roofing material to create open-close louvre roofs that now grace more than 12,000 residential homes in Sydney and Northern NSW.

Our streamlined, adjustable, and beautifully crafted louvre opening roof systems provide the perfect balance of light, shade, and ventilation in your outdoor living space. Each louvre features a double-skinned aerofoil wing shape, providing maximum insulation and comfort, no matter the weather or time of day.

There’s simply no other louvred roof that compares with a luxury Vergola.

Vergola is the only louvre roof to receive the Industrial Design Council of Australia’s ‘Prince Philip Prize for Australian Design’, as well as 3 Australian Design Council awards for innovation.

The kinds of custom-built louvre roofs Vergola can install:


The flat louvre roof is one of Vergola’s most popular designs for outdoor and indoor spaces because it suits most houses. The frame is flat and the louvres have a one-degree fall, helping to control water and light.


Skillion louvre roofs follow a sloping roof design for protection that lasts all year round in Australia’s harsh climate.

Box Frame

The box-frame louvre roof is designed to suit many homes, but rendered brick in particular. The posts can be made from either textured ‘blue’ board with an inner steel post, or rendered brick.


The A-frame louvre roof is made with beams of the same size arranged at a 45-degree (or more) angle, which are attached on the top. It’s a popular alternative to the flat-level or box frame louvre roof designs.

Curved Beam

If your home has any curved features, we can customise the Vergola roof louvres to suit, creating a seamless transition from indoors to outdoors.

Like most premium brands, we trade on our reputation, quality, and service, not our price. Vergola is the top of the range when it comes to custom-built open-close louvred roof systems.

Functional Outdoor Louvre Roof Systems

A custom-built Vergola outdoor louvre roof has a unique aerofoil wing shape, which provides top-quality insulation to keep you cool in summer and warm in winter. The roof louvres can also be easily adjusted at the press of a button, allowing you to control the amount of direct sunlight you’re exposed to.  This helps to reduce your heating and cooling bills.

The adjustable roof louvres also block out the wind, sun, and rain.  The automatic in-built rain sensor ensures your family stays comfortable in all weather conditions. Additionally, a Vergola louvre roof system can be used as a screen for privacy or to control noise in residential areas.

When you purchase a stylish, luxury Vergola louvred roof, you’ll not only have an extra room to entertain guests or settle in with a good book, you’ll also add value to your property.

Operable Louvre Roof

The Vergola louvre roof comes with a remote control unit, so you can open or close your louvres with a flick of a switch, giving you total control over how you use your outdoor space.

And if you’re asleep, busy or not at home, the built-in sensor will automatically close the louvres at the first sign of rain, offering complete outdoor protection.

Opening Louvre Roof

Our opening roof design includes a unique aerofoil wing shape as well as Colorbond steel, which creates a cavity of airspace to deliver better insulation and strength compared to other traditional louvre roofing systems.

Overlap Louvre Roof

During rain, the Vergola roof louvres overlap each other to create a protective cover. In summer, the roof louvres are angled to reflect the sunlight for a shaded, ventilated, and naturally lit ambience. In winter, the louvres are angled to let direct sunlight in to keep the space warm and protected.

We offer a 7 year guarantee on structural components, and a 2 year warranty on manufactured parts and service on all our louvre roofing systems. In addition, Bluescope Steel offers Vergola NSW customers an extra guarantee on all Colorbond products.

Louvre Roof Systems Are Designed for You

Before we start designing and manufacturing your louvre roof system, a Vergola consultant will visit your home.Your consultant will take into account:

  • your home’s design
  • orientation (to make use of the sun’s movements throughout the day)
  • building considerations
  • anything else that may impact installation

For example, we install our louvre roof systems with water clearance as a priority.  As water is channelled through the Vergola gutter that lines the inside of the system’s framework, we ensure this mechanism is tailored to your individual property’s stormwater system.  This helps avoid any water build-up down the track.

Our ultimate goal is to create a functional, long-lasting, and stylish outdoor living area that’s perfect for your home and lifestyle.

This is why we offer a range of customisable styles, colours, and finishes, so your new Vergola louvre roof system becomes a seamless attachment to your existing outdoor environment or patio space.

If you have questions at any stage of the design or installation process, you can always contact our friendly team of louvre roof professionals, who will be happy to give you personalised advice.

Strong and Long-lasting Louvre Roofs

Vergola is the leading and most original open-close louvre roof solution on the market that can withstand the seasons all year round.

Our skilled tradespeople can custom-build your roof louvre to suit your home and your needs. Unlike our competitors who use cheap aluminium materials, Vergola uses top-quality BlueScope Colorbond® steel, which offers better insulation to protect you and your family.

Additionally, Colorbond is made from Zincalume steel with an aluminium/magnesium/zinc alloy coating, making it stronger and longer-lasting than plain aluminium.

Other reasons why Colorbond is the best material for roof louvres include:

  1. The steel base meets relevant Australian Standards, strictly adhering to the required strength and grade
  2. The base is covered with BlueScope’s industry-leading metallic coating, which helps  increase its resistance to corrosion
  3. A thin pretreatment coat is applied to help future coats adhere to the surface
  4. A corrosion-inhibiting primer is baked onto the surface
  5. A finishing coat of specially-developed paint is baked onto the steel to provide resistance to blistering, chips and flaking

For the Best Louvre Roof System, Trust Vergola NSW

Vergola’s unique double-skinned louvre roof design creates excellent thermal insulation from both heat and sound, as opposed to other single-skinned heat-conducting roofing materials such as aluminium.

By using a range of architectural fittings and features, we make sure our roofs are custom-built to fit any exacting and contemporary architectural design, as well as integrating seamlessly with homes that are period-style.

We install louvre roofs and patios according to your needs and home requirements.

If you’re looking for a louvre roof manufacturer and installer you can trust, call your nearest Vergola business today for a measure and quote on 1800 VERGOLA (02 9160 0338).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Vergolas are designed as a protective cover for almost any weather Australia can throw at them. If it rains, the Vergola louvres close and overlap each other, forming a water repellant roof system that means you can get on with your party, dinner or relaxing in your special outdoor setting undisturbed.

Vergola is the ultimate louvre roof system that opens and closes either using a remote control or setting on the rain sensor. Our unique louvre roof systems have been installed by our professionals for thousands of Australian homes of all architectural descriptions. If you want a solution for your outdoor space that is modern and functional, choosing a Vergola means you can’t go wrong.

There are many reasons why Vergolas are special and unique including the fact that our experts install your louvres so that water runs off and normally then goes down into your home’s stormwater drain. The louvres are specially designed so they direct the rainwater to the Vergola gutter inside the framework of your roof system. The water drains down the gutters to the closest clearance point, which is usually a downpipe from your stormwater system.

Our specially designed Vergola open-close roof system can be designed and tailor-made to not only fit in with any architectural design but enhance your residence. So, whatever architectural design was used to create your home, Vergolas can be custom fitted.

As mentioned above, our professionals will install a Vergola in any of the following roof designs:

  • Flat
  • Curved Beam
  • Skillion
  • Box Frame
  • A-Frame
  • Tapered
  • Screens
  • Inserts

Our Vergola louvres are manufactured with tough and long-lasting COLORBOND steel. The aerofoil wing shape is unique, designed with a cavity that delivers an air space for insulation and greater strength and durability than any other traditional roofing system – offering shade from sun in the outdoors.

Yes, the louvres can be angled with the remote to allow the winter sun to shine in, which creates the most comfortable, warm and protected outdoor living space imaginable. In the summer, you can angle the louvre roof system in the opposite direction to deflect the sunlight for shade, and a naturally ventilated and lit living space.

The prices we quote to manufacture and install your choice of opening and closing Vergola roof system will depend on the complexity of the design, range of colours, installation process, the size and shape of your residential architecture and the ease of access.