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Home and Residential Louvre

Home and Residential Louvre

Vergola is the cream of the crop when it comes to open close louvre roof systems on the market today. We’ve installed more than 12,000 Vergolas in residential properties across Sydney and Northern New South Wales since 1988, which means 2018 marks the 30th year of our business’ success. Vergola’s superior quality and design, along with the use of the best materials, has earned our roof louvre system the Australian Design Award and Prince Phillip Design Awards in 1984, and again in 1987. Vergola’s reputation for quality and impeccable service means our louvred system is the first choice for all homeowners who want to improve their outdoor covered areas – and enjoy their space all year round.

Vergola is Australian-owned and has been operating for three decades after its creation by leading South Australian engineer Tony Rossiter in 1984 –

Vergola is at the top of the range when it comes to opening/closing roof systems – we guarantee only the best for your home

Home Louvre Installation

Vergola manufactures and installs opening and closing louvre roof systems that give homeowners complete control over their outdoor covered spaces. Other reasons a home louvre installation from Vergola reigns supreme over other roof systems include:

  • Vergola louvres have a unique aerofoil wing shape which gives maximum insulation – keeps you cooler in summer and warmer in winter.
  • Vergola uses Bluescope Steel’s Colorbond® steel, which is sturdier and longer lasting than other materials. We don’t use lesser-quality aluminium, unlike other roof installation companies.

A Vergola home louvre installation can let the sunshine into the area or keep it shaded, and allow rain to fall in to water the plants, or keep it out. The Vergola includes a convenient sensor so the louvres close automatically at the first drop of rain, and close when the weather dries up. No matter what the weather brings, homeowners who install a Vergola can be comfortable enjoying their outdoor areas every day of the year, regardless of the weather. Our fans rave about their Vergolas and we have plenty of glowing testimonials that show how much our roof louvre systems are loved by our clients.

Home Louvre Installer

Vergola is the original, energy-efficient, open close louvred roof system that increases the functionality and versatility of your home, creating a comfortable space anytime, and in any weather. To install a home louvre from Vergola, one of our design consultants will visit your property to inspect the area you wish to have your roof louvre system installed and talk to you about our range of colours and designs. The consultant will then prepare design drawings, a plan and a quote so you get an understanding of the whole process. When you’re happy with the offer and sign your contract, a Vergola installer will carry out a final detailed check to make sure everything is correct. We then manufacture the components of the Vergola, we then construct the frame and install the home louvre and controls in your home with the help of our professional installation experts.

What real estate agents say:

’A Vergola is an asset for any homeowner. It adds style and value.’

Stephen Doyle, Director, Doyle Spillane Real Estate

‘Vergola is without doubt a strong sales feature when selling a property.’

Alicia Ross – Ryan, Director, Ray White Real Estate

And to add to that, Vergola provides a two-year warranty

Residential Louvres

Residential Louvre Installation

For ultimate comfort, no other open close louvred roofing system installation can compare with Vergola. Choosing the installation of a Vergola roof system in your home will add value to your property. The adjustable louvres deliver just the right balance of ventilation, light and shade to your outdoor space so you can be comfortable entertaining guests or simply relaxing any time of day or night. And as an added bonus, our Vergolas block the wind and rain and can be used as a privacy screen or for noise control. 

Residential Louvre Installer

When our Vergola design consultant visits your home prior to the arrival of the installer, they will work with you to achieve the best option for your property. The consultant will carefully consider your home’s existing design elements and other aspects such as the orientation to gauge the best positioning. Vergola’s quality control is second to none and our frame and beam cappings offer a seamless attachment to existing buildings. Vergola’s roof louvre system is so popular that it was featured on Channel Nine’s The Block television program, making it an excellent and reliable choice for your outdoor area.


If you love entertaining friends and family in your home, appreciate outdoor/alfresco dining, or you simply want an extra room outside to enjoy, then call Vergola New South Wales now for a measure and quote on 1800VERGOLA (1800 837 4652) or make an online enquiry for a Vergola location near you.