If entertaining family and friends in an alfresco fashion is something you love to do, or if you enjoy your outdoor living space, then you need a luxury Vergola. Nothing beats the original energy-efficient Vergola open-close louvred roofing system for versatility, flair and excellence. Vergolas also add comfort and allow you to enjoy your outdoor living area all year round.

This year Vergola celebrated its 32nd year of business success which is evident in the quality louvred roof systems that adorn over 12,000 homes across greater Sydney and Northern NSW.

Vergola is the original, energy-efficient, open/close roof system that adds flair, versatility and better functioning to your home, creating a comfortable backyard outdoor living space to enjoy all year. 


Seamless Indoor/Outdoor Living With Vergola

The opening and closing roofing louvres manufactured and installed professionally by Vergola give homeowners a seamless indoor-outdoor living experience with complete control, despite weather conditions. Vergolas allow the sunshine to pour in, which can be a blessing, especially for winter outdoor entertaining. And if it’s way too hot or the weather turns bad, the sun, wind and rain can be shut out.

No matter the weather, homeowners can enjoy the outdoor living space year-round, not only in the summertime. The reason is simple: Vergola louvres come with a rain sensor that automatically shuts the louvres at the first hint of a shower and open them up when the sun comes out again.

With our Vergola louvred roofing systems, you get a two-year warranty to give you peace of mind so you can enjoy your new outdoor living space at home with friends and family.

Vergola’s range of roof louvre systems and reputation for high-quality manufacturing and installation services is unmatched.

Vergola, one of the Living Outdoor Essentials

Vergolas are living outdoor essentials, and their louvre installation is designed with a unique aerofoil wing shape that creates a cavity air space delivering better insulation and strength than any other traditional roofing option and it’s one of the outdoor living space must-haves.

Happy Vergola owners know that transforming their entertaining space by installing a louvred roofing system also adds value to their home while providing a perfect entertaining space. The trend in outdoor living is growing, and homeowners are increasingly choosing Vergolas, assured of the high-quality service and perfect results that impress their friends and families for years.

During the Vergola manufacturing process, Bluescope Steel’s COLORBOND® is used rather than aluminium, which is a much more inferior material used by some roof installers. COLORBOND® steel delivers superior insulation and durability, which means it lasts much longer than any aluminium alternative.

Choosing Your Custom Vergola Outdoor Living Space

When you choose to have a Vergola louvre roofing system installed in your home, a design consultant will visit you to check the area and discuss your outdoor living space ideas and designs and options. Then, back in the office, the consultant prepares a plan, design drawings, and a quote.

When you’re happy with the result and sign the contract, our Vergola professionals will come back and double-check to make sure all the details are correct. The team at Vergola will then manufacture all the components, build the frame and install the controls and louvres for your outdoor living system.

Extend Your Outdoor Living Space With a Vergola

The versatility, flaIr and serviceability of a Vergola louvred roof system is a brilliant solution if you want to extend your outdoor living space. The added floor space beneath your Vergola will be just like adding an extra room to your home.

The strong, sleek and modern louvres create a protected area when you need it, yet open to the sunlight and fresh air if that’s what is called for on the day or night. With a Vergola you have control over how you respond to the weather and the flexibility to entertain or use your louvred outdoor space for whatever purpose you desire right through the year.

Our Vergola louvred roofing system design has won awards. We received both the Prince Phillip Design Award and Australian Design Award in 1984, and again in 1987. Our plethora of fans rave about us and we have lots of testimonials as proof, so call your nearest Vergola business today for a measure and quote or chat about outdoor living roof ideas on 1800 VERGOLA (1800 837 4652).


Credit goes to our good friends at Chateau Architects + Builders for the photos and creating this fabulous outdoor living space.