Spring is almost here and people are stoking up the barbecue for some outdoor entertaining, but if you have a Vergola roof system you can entertain outdoors at any time of year in any kind of weather. If you’ve already installed a custom Vergola over your patio, deck or courtyard, you’ve probably had the barbecue sizzling in all the seasons of the year no matter what nature threw at you weather-wise.

Weatherproofing your outdoor entertaining space is a breeze with a custom Vergola opening and closing louvre roof system. The louvres can be adjusted to deal with most weather conditions and they’re versatile, allowing you to enjoy your dinner party or family gathering any time of the year. Enjoy the scented spring breezes that waft in, or close the louvres and keep the spring rain outside. If it’s hot, simply adjust the louvres for maximum shade and cooler air.


For the original open/close, energy-efficient outdoor roof system that adds functionality and versatility to your home, choose a Vergola.

Create a comfortable space to enjoy this spring and all the other seasons of the year in any kind of weather. 


Springtime Fun With a Custom Roof System by Vergola

In springtime when the flowers blossom, the days get longer and temperatures start to rise, we think of the pleasures of more outdoor living in the warm weather. Create the perfect outdoor entertaining or living space with a custom Vergola providing unsurpassed versatility. The open/close louvre roof system is just like adding an extra room that brings optimal ambience regardless of the weather.

On fine spring days, the louvres can be tilted to take advantage of the warm sunshine. And at the first drop of rain, the louvres will automatically close to keep you and your guests dry, while providing unrivalled insulation to keep your outdoor space cool in spring and summer and warm in the colder months. This means you can use your outdoor living area year-round.


Vergolas adorn more than 12,000 homes in the Sydney region and Northern NSW, with 2020 marking 32 years of our business success. Why not discover for yourself what makes Vergola such a great outdoor roofing solution?


Custom-Made Vergola Roof Systems

Vergola roof systems are custom-made with double ColorBond steel which provides perfect insulation, and also helps to maintain comfortable temperatures in spring and during all the other seasons in any weather conditions. If a sudden spring downpour threatens to spoil your dinner party, the unique Vergola automatic rain sensor closes the louvres at the first sign of moisture, sealing the space and keeping it dry. When the weather improves, the louvres open again.

If you have a swimming pool, a Vergola roof system installed overhead means you can stay out in the sun as long as you like without getting burnt even in spring. You decide how much sunshine comes in and how much shade you need for each occasion.

The Versatile Vergola Roofing System

No matter how awkward your space might be, all Vergola louvre roof systems can be tailor-made to fit, since they’re custom-designed to suit whatever you need. A Vergola can enhance the design of your home and provide a practical solution for your outdoor space. We can include a Vergola screen for privacy or to provide shade to block out the harsh afternoon sun in spring or summer.

You can install a custom Vergola louvre roof system over a patio, a courtyard, an existing pergola, decks, pools and verandahs. Adjust your unique Vergola open/close louvre design made with double ColorBond steel to accommodate all types of outdoor spaces and weather conditions. Fit some downlights to create the perfect evening ambience, which is ideal for an alfresco spring dinner party or family celebration.