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VERGOLA® is the original, energy-efficient, open close roof system that adds versatility and functionality to your home, creating a comfortable space to enjoy all year round. Adorning more than 12,000 homes across Sydney & Northern NSW, 2021 marks 32 years of business success for Vergola. We invite you to discover for yourself what makes Vergola such a great outdoor roofing solution.


Get in touch with us today to discover how adding a VERGOLA® to your home will enhance your outdoor living area. We can arrange for one of our Design Consultants to visit you and present the features and benefits of integrating a Vergola to your home. They’ll prepare an initial design and quote for your consideration and you’ll be one step closer to having the outdoor living area you’ve always dreamed about.

“What would I say is good about Vergola? Everything! Wonderful to deal with from the salesman Roy, to the office staff, the delivery personnel, Shannon the installer, Peter the electrician and the man who picked up the rubbish in the pouring rain! Amazing product and service. Within hours of being finished the heavens opened up, the louvres shut and blocked the pursuant 1.5 inches of rain. To say I am impressed is an understatement. No more rainy days blues with our Vergola!”

“My Vergola has just been completed and I can’t recommend Vergola NSW highly enough. I’ve had a lot of work completed at my house over the past few years and this is the only experience that has been 100% seamless all the way through. Their communication and professionalism is second to none – and the setup, invoicing and installation team are all amazing to work with. The installation was efficient and first rate quality. Everyone is patient, friendly and incredibly helpful – they really went above and beyond.”

“The Vergola is fantastic and has made such a different to our lifestyle. We can actually use the outdoor area now. It was as recently as the weekend I was able to sit underneath it while the kids were playing in our lounge room inside. Thank you to you and the whole team who have been so impressive. Please pass on my thanks also to the installation team.”

“I am writing to thank you for the excellent job done by Vergola on my roof, from the design to the completion. Everything was efficient and effective. All the workers turned up on time, were pleasant, and did their job well. I’d appreciate it if you’d make sure that everyone who worked on my job gets my sincere thanks.”

“From the outset, this was not straightforward as it involved owner corporation approval, council approval, engineering and certification and design aspects performed by various people. Vergola provided a fantastic service in orchestrating all the necessary professionals, trades and approvals in a seamless manner and Vergola communicated with me at each step along the way most efficiently. This took the hassle out of doing this project for us.”

Electric Louvre Roof Systems

Installing an electric opening roof system at your residential property in Australia enables you to have complete control over the sun, light, wind, air and shade in your outdoor garden space. At Vergola, our electric opening roofs have adjustable louvres that open and close at the first sign of rain – protecting you and your family from the elements all year.

The range of opening roof solutions that you can create and design with our company is endless. Our customers love our roofs, and as an Australian company, you can trust that we can meet your needs and deliver quality opening roofs that you can show off when entertaining your family and friends.

How Do Electric Opening Roof Systems Work?

Our Vergola electric opening roofs are catered to the climate of Australia. At the first sign of rain, the louvres rotate shut to protect you and your family, and when it has passed, it opens to let in light as per your settings. With a Vergola louvre roof system, you can rest assured that the sun and rain won’t affect your outdoor living space. The louvre roofs offer shade and protection from the Australian weather, no matter the season or time of the year.

With Vergola, you can choose the design that suits your house and needs best as well as arrange the installation to suit you. Our qualified team and technicians are always more than happy to provide you with the best service. Contact us for a quote so we can help you get started!

Benefits of Automatic Opening Roof Systems:

There are many benefits to having an electric opening roof system as part of your outdoor living space. Electric opening roof styles not only let in the sun and natural light but also give you the opportunity to control the louvre rotation at your fingertips for your outdoor area.

Vergola’s design solutions are endless and one of our team members will be with you every step of the way to help you decide. To help you decide whether an electric opening roof is right for your home, we’ve compiled some of the main benefits of investing in opening roofs that you should know below:

Optimal Ventilation for outdoor living

Vergola opening roofs have quality, adjustable louvre blades that can let in light and air, as well as provide shade from the hot sun according to your personal choices and settings. Each louvre can rotate to open and close so you can control how much light gets in your outdoor sanctuary.

Protection from the Australian weather all year round

At Vergola, we understand that the elements can sometimes be unpredictable in Australia. That’s why we’ve designed a solution to protect you and your family in your outdoor living area. Our electric louvred roof systems have automatic rain sensors that enable the louvres to close at the first sign of rain, providing you with protection from the weather whilst also letting in natural light but protecting you from direct sunlight, which can be harsh. The electric roof can also keep your outdoor entertaining areas cool with efficient fresh air ventilation.

Energy efficient with quality materials

Our electric opening roof system is made out of Colorbond steel and not aluminium like most other opening roofs. The opening roof system and louvre panels are installed with the best materials, so you can trust that your patio will last. The full details of the installation of your roof in your outdoor spaces or commercial space can be provided by our team members.

Technology you can control at your fingertips

Our electric opening roofs are designed to be electrically controlled so you can choose how much light or shade you want in your outdoor space. You can use the remote to open and close the louvre panels whenever you want to, depending on the weather conditions.

Contact us today for a quote

At Vergola, we provide a range of services for outdoor living and we have a professional and efficient team working for us to provide you with the best service. Our company can offer quality electric opening roofs and design concepts at an affordable price so you can create the ultimate entertaining space for you and your family. Contact our team today for a quote. Call 1800 VERGOLA or 02 9450 3300.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

At Vergola, we strive to provide you with a quality opening roof system. Our company offers a range of services and it’s best to contact us directly for a quote as each project is different and the cost can vary.

The value of your house can definitely increase with a Vergola opening roof. Your outdoor living space is instantly enhanced as the adjustable louvres roof system offers shade and protection from the Australian weather throughout the year.

There isn’t much maintenance required for automatic roof systems as they are designed to withstand a range of different weather elements. As the louvres open and close to protect your outdoor space from the weather, any remaining water on the roof is disposed of through the gutters.

One of the main benefits of the opening roof is that it’s completely waterproof to protect your outdoor space from all types of outdoor climates. The built in sensor enables the louvres to open and close according to the weather.