A Vergola louvre roof system has several advantages over any of the brands on the market using aluminium, including the cost. That’s why, when choosing the best louvre roofing system for your home in Australia, Vergola (NSW) surpasses the rest, offering not only an affordable cost and great value but a list of design factors that are the envy of our competition.

Vergola louvred roofing systems have a distinctive double-skinned Colorbond steel design that provides outstanding thermal insulation, unlike aluminium, which absorbs heat. The superb sound-reducing aerofoil technology used in manufacturing the louvres keeps out traffic noise or the racket going on next door. You can also increase ventilation and reduce heating and cooling costs with the adjustable louvres.

If windows are being protected by your Vergola, you can control how much or how little sunlight you want on them. Windows heat up as the sun shines on them, radiating warmth inside the house. In the hot summer, you don’t want the sun on the windows, so simply adjust the louvres to suit.

Some of the reasons why Vergola’s louvred roof systems are the best choice:

  • Light control
  • Durability
  • Weather protection
  • Smart design
  • Remote controlled
  • Rain sensor
  • Aerofoil louvres
  • Energy efficiency
  • Design/configuration
  • Customisation/integration


Vergola is the original, versatile, open/close, louvred roof system that adds energy-efficiency and functionality, creating a snug and sheltered space for homes and businesses to enjoy all year. 

Vergolas adorn more than 12,000 homes across Sydney and Northern NSW. 


Louvre Roof Systems

The louvred roofing system designed and manufactured by Vergola in its Terrey Hills factory on Sydney’s beautiful Northern Beaches provides winter warmth and refreshing coolness in the summer heat. The double skinned and unique aerofoil (wing-shaped) louvres on the Vergola create an air gap that insulates and reduces heat radiating into the living area below.

While the Vergola roof system’s louvres are wide open, 89 per cent of all available light shines into your outdoor space. So, the Vergola louvred roof systems are the perfect choice for keeping the temperatures controlled in a covered area – a single-skinned aluminium louvre system just can’t compete.


The Vergola louvred roof system’s quality control is the top of the range, and for seamless attachment to a building, Vergola’s frame and beam cappings are superb!


Louvred Roof Systems Rain Protection

The Vergola louvre roofing system comes with built-in rain protection via a sensor. This unique, interlocking design feature means the louvres close when it rains. At the first drop of a shower, the louvres shut automatically, so there’s no need to worry. If you’re not at home, or busy entertaining or working, or whatever you’re doing, the louvres will close by themselves.

And when it’s not raining, you can simply adjust the angle of the louvres with the remote control for the perfect balance of sunshine, shade and ventilation to suit the weather conditions and the seasons. Under normal conditions, the Vergola louvres are rainproof but in a storm, in very heavy rain and strong wind, a small amount of rain could enter. However, there’s an optional weather seal for optimal protection!

Vergola Uses Colorbond, Made in Australia

Colorbond steel is well known as the toughest and most reliable roofing material on the market, and it’s made in Australia for our weather conditions. That’s why Vergola louvre roof systems use Colorbond steel, chosen for the roofs of almost half of all new homes built in this country.

Colorbond is made from Zincalume steel coated with an aluminium/magnesium/zinc alloy with a conversion layer on the steel surface as a bonding agent. The finishing touch is an exterior-grade paint baked onto the surface to protect it from peeling, cracking and chipping. That’s why our Vergola roof louvre systems retain their new look for much longer.

Vergola’s open/close louvred roofing system can be incorporated into a variety of structures, either as part of an existing building or freestanding, so if you’re searching online for ‘louvred roof systems near me’ don’t go past Vergola. Call now for a free measure and quote! (02) 9160 0338 or fill in the easy online form and we’ll get back to you.