Vergola Louvre Roof – Colour Options

Your Vergola roof louvres can add colour and style to your outdoor space and either contrast or match the rest of the house. Roof louvre colour options can include a combination of
shades to enhance the design of your Vergola open/close system.

There are also other powder coating choices in the standard range of COLORBOND hues, but the eight standard colours were chosen by Vergola in keeping with Australia’s natural environment, and many local council rules.

The lovely standard Vergola roof louvre colours include:

● Surf Mist

● Metallic

● Shale Grey

● Woodland Grey

● Dune

● Windspray

● Paperbark

● Classic Cream


Vergola is the original louvre opening roof systems that add versatility, comfort, functionality and energy efficiency to your home, creating a stylish extra room to enjoy all year.


Why Does Vergola Use Standard Louvre Roof Colours?

Vergola uses standard COLORBOND colours in their louvre roofs for a quick turnaround from design to the installation of your new indoor/outdoor system. However, for an extra
cost, you are free to choose a different COLORBOND powder coated finish or shade.

The powder coating used in the manufacture of Vergola louvre roof systems allows for customisation, which ensures your system is uniquely yours both in colour, size, shape and finish.

Ideas for Your Indoor/Outdoor Space

A Vergola design consultant is available to visit your home to assist with the design and colour options. Your Vergola design and colour should be a seamless and natural extension of your home. So, between your ideas and our consultant’s input, we can design exactly what you want and what is possible with your new louvre roof system.

People can get very creative with their outdoor living spaces. Some homeowners add features such as incredible outdoor kitchens, fans, television sets, pizza ovens and fireplaces and some amazing kitchen equipment that transforms the way they live as they blend the outdoors with the interiors of their homes.


Vergolas adorn more than 12,000 homes across Sydney and Northern NSW and 2020 marks 32 years of business success. We invite you to discover what makes Vergola such a great outdoor louvre roofing solution.


Designing the Perfect Outdoor Living Area

Outdoor living spaces are popular for a reason. If well-designed, a roofed outdoor area can add comfort, functionality and style to your home. A Vergola louvre roof system enhances
your lifestyle, moulding a living space you can use all year round.

Designing the ideal outdoor living area for your home means there are many things to consider:


Think about the location and which direction it will face. A north-facing outdoor space
will be different from east, west or southerly aspects which determine where the sun
will shine at different times of the day.


What functions will your outdoor space perform? What kind of outdoor furniture will
be installed in there and will it cope with exposure to the elements if your area is
unroofed? If you want a Vergola, what style do you prefer?

Seasonal Use

How will your outdoor living area be used at different times of the year? Your outdoor room will need shade in the summertime and cooling, and in winter you’ll want to allow as much sun and warmth in as possible. Shade can be a simple umbrella, shade cloths, or a permanently built structure. But the ultimate shade solution is an open and closing louvre roof system by Vergola.

Tips For Choosing a Permanent Roofing Solution

There are various options available to you to help you choose a permanent or opening and closing roof structure, with flat roofs, A-frame and skillion roofs the most popular. With a flat
roof design, you can’t go wrong since it suits most homes. A skillion or sloping roof can slope either down and away from your home or upwards. The A-frame is the most simple form
which comprises two beams attached at the top and a 45-degree angle (or more).

Vergola open/close louvre roof systems can accommodate any style of home and design a covering that is the ideal outdoor solution for your home. If you’re looking for “louvred roof systems near me” online, don’t scroll past Vergola if you want the best louvred roof pricing in Australia.

To contact Vergola you can fill in the convenient online form and we will get back to you, or if you’d like to speak with us straight away please call us on 1800 VERGOLA (837 46 52).