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Patio Awning and Louvre

Patio Awning and Louvre

Custom Patio Awning

If you’re looking for a patio awning to protect your family or guests from the sun, wind and rain then a Vergola custom made louvred awning system is the ideal solution. With its sleek, modern Colorbond frame, a Vergola patio awning will not only complement your contemporary outdoor space but let you control whatever weather nature brings. Vergola custom awnings are Australian-designed and manufactured, using superior quality Colorbond steel. The Vergola custom designed patio awning has louvres that are double-skinned aerofoil shapes that open and close with the use of a remote control unit. The patio louvres also have sensors so they can think for themselves and close at the first drop of rain. The louvres then reopen when the rain stops.

Outdoor Patio Awnings

Bringing the outdoors inside or extending the inside to meet seamlessly with an outside covered space or patio is still a huge trend in home design and with a Vergola awning, you can use your outdoor area in any kind of weather and at any time of year. Why wait for the warmer weather to entertain when you can have a custom made Colorbond louvre awning designed and built by Vergola? Our awnings are the best original electrical, open/close, energy-efficient awnings available on the market today. These awnings can make your home more versatile and functional, creating a comfortable space you can enjoy at any time and it will also add value to your property or business.

Our company, Vergola, has been in business for the past 30 years, using Bluescope Steel’s Colorbond roofing material to manufacture and install waterproof opening/closing louvre awnings that think for themselves and now grace more than 12,000 homes across Sydney and Northern NSW.

Vergola uses longer lasting, superior Australian-made Bluescope Colorbond steel roofing to build their awnings – and everyone knows Colorbond is the material of choice for the roofs of almost half of all new Australian homes and over 80 per cent of all Australian gutters – Superior design & quality, along with exceptional customer service is why homeowners and businesses choose Vergola awnings to improve their outdoor covered areas time and again.

Patio Awning


The aluminium patio awning frame can be built using aluminium, timber, steel, or other material that complies with local building codes. Timber will allow Vergola to complement pergolas or be integrated into traditionally built structures.


Steel structures enable Vergola awnings to be custom made in various architectural styles and sizes. In Australia, the frames and structures that are part of the Vergola louvred awning system are usually made from, preferably, galvanized C Purlins that allow for long spans that are uninterrupted.


With the flick of a switch, or by pressing a button on the remote control, the Vergola electric louvred awnings can be adjusted to let in the sunlight, or create some shade, enable cross-flow ventilation or protect outdoor spaces from wind and rain.


In the manufacture of Vergola waterproof patio awnings, specially designed gutters made from Colorbond are fitted on the framework’s inner perimeter to ensure the structure is watertight, and the water safely runs into the downpipes.

Vergola never offers discounts – like most premium brands, we trade on our quality and service, not our price – Vergola patio awnings are the top of the range – we provide a two-year warranty and we have a reputation for high quality and excellent service with a long list of testimonials from clients to prove it

For all your custom patio awning needs call us at Vergola and we can arrange for one of our design consultants to visit your home or commercial premises to show you the benefits and features of adding one of our patio louvre systems for your outdoor space. Our consultant will do an initial design and quote. Call us on 1800 837 4652 or +61 2 8073 8396 or enquire online.