What are my Patio Roofing Options?

If you’re looking to invest in patio roofing and enhance your outdoor area, our team at Vergola can help.

In Australia, outdoor living is a key part of our lifestyle.  There’s simply nothing better than  enjoying the natural sunlight, fresh air, and beauty of the outdoors from the comfort of our own backyards. But when it comes to patios and all the decisions involved, like whether you need an insulated patio or not, the whole process can be  confusing and overwhelming.  Don’t worry.  Our team at Vergola is  here to help you plan, design, build, and install your ideas – so you can enjoy  your dream outdoor area setup for many years to come.

What are the different types of patio roofs for my outdoor space?

When it comes to choosing the right design and materials for your outdoor living areas, there are many options available. Every unique roofing material has its own benefits in construction for your outdoor living area. It’s important to ensure your outdoor patio roof suits the style of home, while also offering your outdoor space lifelong protection from the  natural elements. 

Some popular materials include: 

  • Insulated patio roofing 
  • Polycarbonate roofing 
  • Sunglaze patio roofing 
  • Colorbond Steel patio roofing

If you’re unsure about the best option, our team of experts are happy to provide guidance. Contact us to find out more.

Gable patio roof

A gabled patio styled roof has a similar design to a house, with the roof being long and angled so rain can fall to either side. 

This roof is ideal if you want it to  blend in with your existing home exterior. 

The gable patio roof design can also work well with a range of patio roofing materials. So it doesn’t matter if you go for  insulated roofing or not. Either way, it will  offer protection from the weather and keep your living area cool and dry. 

Single bay patio roof

A single bay patio styled roof is a simple and low cost design.  Similar to a standard pergola, this type of roof can  cover outdoor areas of various sizes. 

While it’s the most affordable and standard design choice available, the good news is – this option is  still very durable..

The single bay roof design is compatible with a range of patio roofing materials and styles according to your needs and budget. 

Angle patio roof

An angled patio styled roof is suitable for a range of outdoor areas as it has the flexibility to be designed according to your needs.

It’s also compatible with a range of roofing materials. 

Pitch patio roof

A pitched patio styled roof can offer more headspace and ventilation compared to other options. They’re also aesthetically-pleasing and can mimic the existing design and trimming of your current roof. 

This design is great for controlling the amount of sun and light that enters your outdoor living space.

Multiple bay patio roof

Multiple bay patio styled roofs are highly recommended for large backyards.   They create plenty of  protection for your outdoor patio space, remaining strong throughout heat and rain.

This style of roofing is also compatible with a range of roof sheeting options.

Why do I need a  patio roof for my  outdoor space?

If you want to create an outdoor living area that allows you to enjoy natural lighting and  shade all year round, it’s worth investing in a patio roof with Vergola. It also provides bonding family time outdoors, regardless of the weather conditions.

We’ve got a range of design options to help you achieve your home improvement dreams.

However, deciding between different types of patio roofing materials and designs can be challenging without the guidance of an expert. 

Our trusted team at Vergola is committed to helping you design and discuss your new patio roof options – according to your budget and individual needs. You can also be rest assured that we only use the highest quality of materials.

To find and create the best design for your needs, contact us today.