The Average Cost of a Patio Roof

A new patio roof can be just what you need to revitalise your outdoor living space.

Not only does a patio roof add value and appeal to your home, but the right roofing system can change the way you live your life. Whether your dream is to own a space for entertaining friends and family all year round, or for cosying up with a good book, a patio roof allows you to do it all!

And when it comes to design, our VERGOLA® louvre roofs are in a league of their own, having won three Australian Design Council awards for innovation and the Prince Philip Prize for Australian Design.

The secret to our success boils down to what each VERGOLA® louvre roof system can do. Our patio covers are not only customisable, durable, waterproof and energy efficient, but the adjustable open and close mechanism is Bluetooth® enabled, allowing the user to have complete control over their outdoor area.

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We provide world-class outdoor living at an affordable price. From the outset of your project, you’ll be assigned a project manager who’ll routinely update you on the progress of the design, build and installation of your patio roof. At every stage of the process, you’ll be met with the utmost transparency, helping you to keep track of the costs of your project.

What factors determine the cost of a patio roof?

There are many factors that can influence the cost of your patio roof. Whether you’re installing one yourself or partnering with a company like VERGOLA®, the price of a patio roof in Australia can vary significantly.  Therefore, it’s important to understand how to manage these costs and ensure you’re getting the best value for your money.

  • Patio roofing material

Patio roofs can be made from different types of materials.  The material you choose will influence how much you’ll end up paying.  

For example, in Australia, polycarbonate roofing materials can cost anywhere between $34 for a 1.8m sheet and $60 for a 3m sheet, depending on the exact make, model and thickness of the sheet. Timber patio roof material, on the other hand, costs between $5 and $25 per square metre.

When choosing the right patio roof, it’s also important to consider the quality of the roofing materials, as this affects how much upkeep your patio will require in the long term.

While a timber option offers an ornate finish, it can easily get weather-worn over time, leading to higher maintenance costs in the future. Polycarbonate roofing is a good alternative to timber, as it provides greater weather protection.  However, its transparent appearance makes regulating the temperature of your outdoor space very difficult, increasing your heating and cooling costs.

Our VERGOLA® patio roofs are made from Australian BlueScope Colorbond®, which is lightweight, durable and seamlessly integrates into your home’s existing roofing. Our patio covers have an open and close system, meaning you can control the amount of natural light you let into your patio.  This helps to reduce your energy bills by keeping your space cool and comfortable no matter the weather. 

Contact us today to get a free measure and quote for your new VERGOLA®  louvre patio roof.

  • Size of your outdoor area

The larger the size of the outdoor space you want covered, the more expensive your patio roof will be. 

Before you start buying materials or altering your existing roof structure, you’ll need to measure out your space.  This will provide an accurate estimate of how much material you’ll need.  It will also factor in other  cost considerations, as well as the duration of the build.

  • Style of patio roof

At VERGOLA® we have a collection of styles on offer – so many, in fact, that the only limit is your imagination! Our typical projects include the following styles:

  • Flat
  • Skillion
  • Box frame
  • A-frame
  • Curved beam
  • Tapered
  • Insert

We can also arrange for your patio roof to be custom designed to meet the individual specifications of your existing house.

The overall cost of your patio roof will differ depending on the design chosen, as the amount of materials, resources and hours worked varies foreach style.  

  • Characteristics of your house

Other characteristics of your property, including your existing roof structure to the terrain of your backyard, can also influence the design and installation of your patio roof.

For example, if there’s a tree obstructing easy access to your patio, you may need to contact your local council and seek approval to have it removed. Similarly, if your patio is positioned next to or near a fence line, you’ll have to ensure that the height of your new patio roof complies with the local building codes. In each case, you’ll be required to expend time, effort, and money. If you fail to obtain the necessary permits, you may also need to pay a hefty fine.

When you choose VERGOLA®, our consultants will manage all these aspects for you when they visit your home at the beginning of your project. Before finalising the design, they’ll double check that everything is ready to go so that your patio roof can be installed correctly and in a timely, cost-effective manner.

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When you choose VERGOLA®, you’ll have confidence knowing that your new patio roof is designed and built to the highest standards in the industry.

Unlike other patio roof providers, we’ll communicate with you regularly and transparently throughout the entire process, meaning there’ll be no surprises when it comes to the price or final result of your patio roof.

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