3 Tips to Protect Your Insulated Patio Roof for Decades

Patio Roof

After spending a lot of time at home in recent years, we’ve seen more and more  Australian homeowners upgrading their outdoor spaces with Vergola insulated patio roofing.

The Vergola louvre roofing system is an outstanding insulated patio roof choice. It’s a favourite among our clients, mainly for its durability and ease of maintenance compared to others on the market.

Our insulated roof system is a smart investment. A Vergola doesn’t just create an extra ‘room’ on your property. It can also transform an unused area into an elegant, protected space that keeps warm in the winter months and cool in summer. As a result, you can enjoy your backyard all year round – with the sensors automatically closing the lourves at the first drop of rain.

The COLORBOND materials used are superior to the aluminium alternative which corrodes over time.

Are Vergola Roofs insulated?

Yes.  The double-skinned louvres in a Vergola insulated roof offer thermal insulation. They’re very durable and provide sound reduction as well!

Thanks to the adjustable louvres, which control the amount of direct sunlight falling on exposed walls and windows, many of our clients see a reduction in their heating and cooling costs.

There’s also a waterproofing membrane and protective coating to protect your patio from rain and wind all-year-round.

3 key tips to protect your patio roof


  • Use a hose to clean your  patio roof 

Your Vergola patio roof is easy to clean. Simply wash it down gently with a garden hose.

The rain can clean your Vergola for you as well, but we recommend using an auto cleaner and a mop to remove debris and bird droppings. Just remember to switch off the rain sensor first. Otherwise, the louvres will start to close as soon as the water touches the roof.

  • Avoid hosing if you have electrical or delicate items under the Vergola

Do you have an outdoor kitchen, delicate fabrics, or electronics in your patio area? Unless they can be moved, you can’t rely on the hose or rain to do your cleaning.

Instead, set the louvres vertically and clean both sides with a damp mop on a pole. And make sure the rain sensor is turned off.

  • Remove  leaves from the gutters

Since leaves and debris are likely to land on your insulated Vergola patio roof, it’s a good idea to clean the gutters regularly. Most importantly, ensure your rain sensor isn’t covered by anything. Otherwise, it mightn’t function properly.

The control system and motors are sealed, so they don’t require any maintenance. However, to keep your Vergola running smoothly for longer, we recommend replacing the remote control batteries periodically.

Our Vergola After Sales Service team is here to investigate and repair any potential issues.

What if my patio is close to the sea?

Vergolas are made to last – even if you live in a salty, corrosive environment.

We install many Vergola insulated patio roofing systems in coastal Australia, which includes properties close to the sea or direct waterfront properties. If you live within 1km from the sea or in a highly industrial area, it’s best to follow our maintenance guidelines.

How often should I wash my Vergola?

The guidelines suggest a weekly washing down of the gutters, louvres, and underside of your Vergola with fresh water and a mild detergent to remove g corrosive deposit buildups.

It’s similar to the maintenance required for any waterfront property or boat. If you need help and live in the Sydney Metropolitan area, we have a professional cleaning service.

For extra protection in these environments, we offer customers a Vergola with an ULTRA COLORBOND option for louvres and gutters in a variety of colours.

For a cost effective insulated roofing installation and excellent customer service, contact us at Vergola today.

Call us on  9160 0338 for a free measure and quote from our professional team. We can also cover a carport, deck, or any other outdoor area a residential or commercial setting that could benefit from a superior Vergola roofing system.