5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Roof For Your Outdoor Patio

Patio Roofs

People in Australia are known for their love of the outdoors. Our climate is generally warm, especially up north, the fresh air and wide open spaces entice us outside to enjoy nature. The outside patio is a signature Australian necessity where families choose to gather, enjoy barbecues and parties or just relax with a book.

A patio roof is now an even better lifestyle option many people are choosing now that the concept of bringing the inside outside and the outside inside is a thing. And better still, why not consider an outside patio or verandah with a VERGOLA® roofing system that lets the sunshine in or keeps the space cool and shady?

Why Many Homeowners Consider a VERGOLA®   Roof For Outdoor Area


VERGOLA® is the original, energy-efficient, open/close roof system that adds functionality and versatility to your home. A VERGOLA® will create a comfortable space to enjoy all year, no matter the season or the weather.  Our product adorns over 12,000 homes across Sydney and Northern NSW, and 2021 marks 32 years of the company’s business success. 

1. The Style of Your Home

What’s the style of your house? Older style homes may need different styles, while modern houses can look good with a flat roofline. Design consultants at Vergola® work with you to choose a custom design for an outside patio roof system that not only suits your home but enhances its style.

Our consultants take into consideration all the design elements of your home, how the sun is positioned throughout the day and other important considerations to do with the building.

2. Your Home’s Aspect

When choosing your outside patio roof, consider where and how your home is situated, whether it is north, south, or east-facing and how much foliage is close to the area you want to roof. Which side of the house is the outside patio located, for instance? That way you can know what sort of shade or roof you should consider.  

 We also offer an ULTRA COLORBOND option for louvres and gutters in limited colours for extra protection for your roof in these types of environments.

3. The Dimensions of the Area You Choose

The size and shape of the area where you choose to install the outdoor patio roof is obviously an important consideration. When your Vergola consultant visits your home, they will check for limitations. These will include the boundary of your property (if your outside patio is next to the fence line), trees, and the area’s slope and terrain.  

There is no limitation to the size of a Vergola® roof system – it can comprise any number of bays, but with a certain amount of bays, you may need multiple controllers. When considering the size of your outside patio roof, take into account outdoor furniture, barbecue and garden beds and pots.

4. The Shape of Your Patio Roof

The only limitations to the shape of your outside patio roof and the design of the  Vergola® you choose is your imagination. The typical roof installation can be either of the following:

  • Flat
  • Skillion
  • Box frame
  • A-frame
  • Curved
  • Tapered
  • Insert
  • Freestanding
  • Attached to another building.

Individual Vergola® bays can be installed with alternate orientations or interspersed with other outside patio roof materials, or whatever suits your circumstances or enhances your environment. Our Design Consultants can help you to consider the best design to choose for your outdoor patio roof.

5. The Colour of Your Vergola

Vergola® roof louvre systems and gutters for outside patio roofs come in a range of the following COLORBOND® colours: 

  • Surfmist
  • Monument
  • Woodland Grey
  • Dune
  • Classic Cream
  • Paperbark
  • Shale Grey
  • Windspray. 

Both Surfmist and Monument are available in ULTRA COLORBOND®, but if you prefer to choose another colour, there’s a complete range available for your consideration via powder-coating the louvres and other components. 

However, we can only pass on to you the length of any guarantees offered by the local powder-coating company, which is usually about two years. You can choose to discuss all your outdoor patio roof needs with your Vergola Design Consultant to ensure the best results.

Award-Winning Design 

The Vergola® outside patio roof system is the only louvred roofing option awarded by the Industrial Design Council of Australia’s ‘Prince Philip Prize for Australian Design’ and three Australian Design Council awards for innovation. 

One of the winning aspects of the Vergola®  roof you choose for your outside patio is the internal box gutter that collects the water runoff from the roof which is drained by a gravity-fed spout directed into your existing stormwater system.  

Our outside patio roof systems are designed to handle their own rainwater runoff, however, they don’t support an additional fast falling load that may fall, for instance from a great height from an overhanging roof. You should consider this aspect when choosing your outside patio roof design.