How Louvre Roofs Are Innovating Outdoor Living

Outdoor living and entertaining are the new normal now with so many businesses and homeowners making use of their decks, patios and backyards by installing roofs for protection against the weather. But they’re not installing just any kind of roof. The products they want are louvres, which are the mainstays of the outdoor louvred roofing system industry. You could say the opposite is also happening – outdoor living is innovating louvred roof design.

For example, new designs by Vergola, encouraged by the new wave of outdoor living options mean you don’t have to open or close your louvred roofing system by hand. The remote gives you total control over the weather. But that’s not the only innovation because your Vergola has an automatic sensor that closes the louvres at the slightest hint of rain.


Vergola is the original and the best open/close louvred roof system on the market. 

We’re pioneers in the industry, and over the years we’ve changed the way people use their outdoor living spaces.

Innovative Outdoor Construction

Whether you’re planning an innovative outdoor entertaining space or you want to renovate an existing verandah or another area outside the main house, a Vergola is your best bet. Nothing beats a Vergola for versatility, durability and charm when it comes to the innovative outdoor construction of a space you can use whatever the weather is doing. Vergolas also protect your outdoor furniture from sun, wind and rain damage.

In 1984, leading Engineer Tony Rossiter created and designed the Vergola louvred roofing product in South Australia. In 1984 and 1987, his design for the Vergola was awarded both the Prince Phillip Design Award and the Australian Design Award.

Vergolas can enhance your living space, and the options are plenty, including:

  • Flat – the most popular, with one-degree-fall louvres for water control
  • Box Frame – suits rendered brick homes
  • A-frame – two beams in a 45-degree (or more) angle
  • Skillion – designed for sloping roofs
  • Tapered – innovative design features with a customised Vergola
  • Curved beam – to complement a curvy home
  • Insert  – For an innovative frame that suits your renovations, you can make your own and we’ll insert a Vergola roofing system for you.
  • Screens – the versatile Vergola can be installed vertically as a privacy screen

We install the louvres intending to allow water clearance. The wing-shaped louvres direct water to the Vergola guttering that lines the interior framework. The gutters disperse the water to the nearest clearance point, which is normally your home’s stormwater system down-pipe.


It’s the superior design and quality, plus our exceptional customer service that makes so many homeowners and businesses choose Vergola to innovate their outdoor covered spaces.

Over 12,000 Vergolas have been installed in homes and businesses all over Sydney and Northern NSW in the past 32 years.


Outdoor Louvred Roofing System

The beauty of the Vergola outdoor louvred roofing system is the innovative aerofoil louvres that open and close, and the rain sensor that shuts the roof automatically at the first hint of a downpour. Then there’s the fact that they’re made from Colorbond steel, which is the best and most durable steel product on the market in Australia today.

The aerofoil wing shape creates an air gap which brings greater insulation and toughness than any other traditionally-designed roofing system. Due to the innovative outdoor living provided by a Vergola, you can forget about the weather and enjoy your dinner party or family get together.

Vergolas have changed our lifestyles in more ways than one. Not only do they offer protection from the wind and rain for both people, flooring and furniture, their innovative design and construction means they keep your outdoor space cool in summer and warm in winter. This means you can use your Vergola all year round.

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