Vergola’s Opening and Closing Louvre Roof Design Options

A Vergola opening and closing louvre roof system can be yours no matter how your home was designed and built. We can say this with confidence since we offer a broad range of custom-made options to suit any property design or requirement. We can design a Vergola to fit, whether you want to enhance the roofing on your existing outdoor space to blend in with the style of your house, or you want to add a new louvred roofing system.


Vergola is the original and best open/close roof system on the market.

We’ve installed more than 12,000 Vergolas in homes and businesses across Sydney and Northern New South Wales since 1988.


Vergola Roofs Tailored to Suit Your Home

We can build you a Vergola with tailor-made columns or with features that complement a Federation or period home, and we can even put one in an unusually shaped or small space. Whether you want a louvred roof for a patio, or existing pergola, a courtyard, verandah, or even a pool area, there’s a Vergola that will fit perfectly. The possibilities are many, and the options and service we offer our customers ensures a beautiful design and finish and smooth as silk functionality.


It’s Vergola’s superior design and quality, plus the exceptional customer service that makes our louvred roofing system preferable to other brands of opening roof systems time and again!


Vergola Roof Design Options

These are the design options for Vergola louvred roofing systems:

  • Flat Roof – This is one of our most popular designs because it suits most houses. The Vergola frame is flat and the louvres have a one-degree fall to control water runoff. The posts and frame can be powder-coated steel or timber.
  • Skillion Roof – A skillion roof is in effect a sloped roof design. The Vergola posts and frame are either powder-coated steel or timber.
  • Box Frame – This Vergola design has a premium look and suits rendered brick houses. The posts can be brick render or textured board with an inner steel post.
  • A-Frame – This Vergola A-frame design is two same-sized beams in a 45-degree or greater angle, attached at the apex.
  • Curved Beam – If your house is designed with curved features, we can tailor your Vergola louvred roof to complement the style.
  • Screens  – A Vergola louvred roof screen can be installed vertically to give you privacy and perfectly match your Vergola roofing system.

Vergola Louvred Roof Design and Operation

Vergolas are impressive, and one of the reasons is due to the design of the unique aerofoil wing shape of the louvres. This shape, plus the combination of the COLORBOND steel used to manufacture them, creates an air pocket that delivers superb strength and insulation compared to other traditional open/close roofing systems.

The louvres are angled at the touch of a button on the remote control during the winter to allow the warmth of the sun to penetrate and create a comfortable, warm and protected area that you can use all year round. And in the summertime, just angle the louvres in the other direction to reflect the heat outside, creating a wonderfully ventilated, naturally lit, cool and shaded ambience.

As a bonus, during wet conditions, a rain sensor in your Vergola automatically closes the roof at the first drop. The louvres overlap, creating a waterproof cover so you can enjoy your outdoor space undisturbed. No need to run and grab the remote to close the louvres! Also, the louvres are designed with water clearance in mind. They direct rainwater to the Vergola guttering that lines the inner part of the system’s framework. The water then runs down the gutters and into your home’s stormwater system.

Will My Louvre Roofs be Watertight?

Yes, the reason we invented the Vergola residential opening roof systems was to not only enhance the area but to protect people who love their outdoor living and want a motorised louvred roof. With our Vergola, our clients can entertain, dine or relax in any weather in their outdoor area at their leisure without worrying about a sudden shower ruining things.

With our louvre systems, the louvre blades close (whether via the remote control device or the rain sensor) and overlap to create a watertight seal. The louvres are angled so that water runs into the Vergola guttering and is then directed down to the nearest clearance point. This point is usually your home’s stormwater drainpipe.

How Much Does a Vergola Open-Close Roof Cost?

The cost of your Vergola louvred opening and closing roof system for domestic purposes will depend on the design you choose. It also depends on how high you need your Vergola, the size of your outdoor living space, patio, deck, or terrace and the architecture of your existing house, and how available access is to the area. It also depends on whether you need us to provide a customised vertical design for the best coverage for your family.

How do I Organise to Have a Vergola Installed?

All you have to do is call us and we will arrange a Vergola Design Consultants to visit you and work with you so between your ideas and our expertise we can achieve the best design choices for your household. Our consultants take the existing design elements and positioning of your home into consideration, also the transit of the sun throughout the and any other building issues or elements.

You can rest assured that Vergola’s quality control is unsurpassed and the Vergola frame and beam cappings deliver a seamless attachment to any building, whether a home or commercial structure.

A stylish open-close louvred Vergola can create an extra room in your home to bring the outside indoors –this is the perfect place to entertain friends, colleagues and family – and if your house is up for sale, a Vergola is a major attraction for homebuyers.