Tips to Choose the Right Colour for Your Awnings

Adding an awning or outdoor roof to your patio or balcony is a great way to enhance the look of your home or office building, as well as offer added value and increased useability. There are many design options for awnings and outdoor roofs, but one of your key considerations is the colour.

Colour is important for two reasons: firstly, you want to choose a colour that complements your existing building and outdoor patio area in some way. Secondly, the lighter the colour, the more reflective it is. This can impact the temperature as well as glare.

To help you plan to install an awning or outdoor roof on your residential or commercial property, we have put together some tips to choose the right colour.


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The aesthetics of colour

Keep in mind that awnings using fabrics may need more maintenance than open close roof systems, since the colour of the fabric on the awning may fade overtime – or may need occasional cleaning to avoid mould or dirty build up. For open close roof systems, maintenance and aesthetics can last far longer. Vergolas are framed with colorbond®
steel, a superior roofing material that doesn’t fade and is known for its reliable durability.

Knowing this, you can start choosing the types of colours that best suit your outdoor patio area. You can obtain a list of colours and patterns available for your awning or outdoor roof from your supplier.

Vergolas colorbond® steel framing come in range of different colours and shades – from contemporary to classics and even matte finishes. By browsing through their colour guides, matching your outdoor roof’s colour to the rest of your outdoor patio area can be made much easier.

The next thing to do is to stand back and have a good look at your home or building where you want to install your awning/outdoor roof – what are the main colours you see? Would lighter, more neutral tones suit over darker hues?

Aftwards, take into consideration the style of your residential or commercial building. For example, a modern home often looks fantastic with a more contemporary, bold colour for the patio or awning/outdoor roof. Similarly, a business may suit similar colours to their logo or brand image. However, a cottage-style home may look better with lighter, neutral colours along the balcony and entryway.

Some people prefer their awnings and outdoor roofs to blend in, whilst others use the opportunity to add character to the building – really take some time to visualise how your place will look after the final install.


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The science of colour

Once you have decided on the overall look and colour of your new awnings or outdoor roof system, the other consideration you need to make is how the colour may affect temperature to your home or office building.

A light-coloured awning or outdoor roof system will reflect the sun’s warmth better and provide a cooler experience underneath. If you live in a particularly hot environment, a more reflective shade could be a better option than a darker one – since dark colours absorb heat more than lighter colours due to the limited ability to reflect heat rays.

However, with open style outdoor roof systems like Vergolas, there’s much more flexibility in controlling the temperature of your home. Plenty of breeze can be let in to counteract the warmth on hotter days whilst maximising shade in your outdoor patio, whereas harsh heat and sunlight can be completely blocked out when completely closed. Open close outdoor roofs are a fantastic outdoor roof system option, no matter the weather.

Whatever shade you go with, awnings and open close roof systems are a great way to add interest and added functionality to your home or office building. Vergola has a range of louvered patio options to consider that perfectly complement your final design. Contact us today to create your perfect outdoor area to enjoy with friends and family for years to come.